After being diagnosed with Schizo-Affective disorder I attempted many things to
find balance in my life.  Art was a large part, but so were different therapies and
outings with social workers.  Group therapy was often recommended.  I attended
several different groups.  It wasn't for me.  Too often I left with more baggage to
carry than when I entered.  I needed healing.  

We all need some healing.  Some way to come to terms with our histories and to
find a new path forward.  This performance was my action toward that path.  

Guests attending the reception for the exhibition "Multiples: identity" were invited
to join me in this act of healing. Ushered into a silent room many guests participated
for a couple hours as we repaired many broken pieces.  

I glanced around and saw many with their eyes closed, taking in  all that the space
was offering.  As a metaphor for their actions I glued piece to piece.  We all
participated in healing what had been broken.  

I learned a lot about healing. I learned what the presence of community does.  I
learned that not all the past fits back the way it began, but it still belongs to the
whole.  I learned that healing is an action best suited for inclusion and that
its precepts are amplified when the experience is shared with a community prepared
to carry each other through the process.

A special thank you to all who joined me for this experience, and to the Chicago
Printmakers Collaborative for allowing me access to their space for this opportunity.

What I Learned About Healing

Performance done at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
October 11, 2014

Matt Bodett

© 2014  Matt Bodett

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