Honor the Act of Seeing
Attention as the Creative Act
Realize Self and Other as One
Affirm Life
Be Generous
Honor the Body
Explore the Intimacy of All Things

A 4k/HD version of this film is available to purchase. If you are interested please email matt@mattbodett.com for more details.

Drawings from MacDowell

The images above are a selection of works completed as a 3Arts/MacDowell Colony Fellow in the spring of 2019.

poor traits

6.25 x 10 in   15.875 x 25.4 cm

Poems on love



As an Anartist (a term with Sanskrit origins and used by artists like Duchamp) Bodett uses visual art, performance art, poetry, video, and sound to advocate for  a better, more human, connection with mental illnesses. His work removes stigma and creates unique settings for understanding one’s relationships to mental health and disability at large. 

After being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2005, Bodett graduated with an MFA from Boise State University in 2011 and moved to Chicago shortly afterward to pursue a more full time studio practice. He has been a 3Arts/Bodies of Work Fellow, a 2019 Incubator Artist with High Concept Laboratories, a 2019 3Arts/MacDowell Fellow, and has exhibited work Internationally. Matt Bodett serves on the Advisory Board for the Institute for Therapy Through the Arts and on the 3Arts Artist Council.

Image credit: Elaine Suzanne Miller