We are, we are

A series of performances created as a part of a residency provided by High Concept Laboratories and funded in part from a grant from 3Arts and donations made to 3Arts Projects. Thank You!

Elephant In

This was a collaborative poetry performance with the Chicago based poet Laura Goldstein. Text for the work came in part from articles and interviews related to the tragedy of Bertram Hiscock. 

ASL interpretation was provided by Shannon Moutinho with help from  Neive Epsy, Emilio Cordova , and Alithea Tashey

Twice Daily

Twice Daily was a collaborative performance with the Chicago based musician and visual artist Ricardo Mondragon.

Lost, Lost

This performance was a re-examination of madness as portrayed in Hamlet.

ASL interpretation for the dialogue following the performance was provided by Shanon Moutinho


This series of performances was accompanied by a 128 page publication which contains essays about disability culture in Chicago by Courtney Graham, a brief history of madness by Sasha Durakov, and an approach to language as viewed through schizophrenia by Matt Bodett. The essays are accompanied by 56 color images of artwork created by Matt Bodett.   

This perfect bound catalogue is printed in a limited and hand numbered edition of 200. 


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