Posted by Evanston Art Center on Sunday, May 7, 2017

Monu/ Mental 

This performance was done in conjunction with the exhibition by the same name at the Evanston Art Center. Artists Kandi Jamieson and Megan Sterling were included in this three person exhibit. The performance was done at the opening of the exhibit on May 7th, 2017.

Video was taken by the Evanston Art Center staff.

Whatever Falls Must Change

February 2016

Being invited to speak at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Student Art Therapy Association allowed me the opportunity to create this performative lecture with the hopes of connecting the audience to my experiences with schizo-affective disorder.


February 2016

Still was a performative reading of the poetry book that was released on the same night.  Our theater host was the Institute for Therapy through the Arts, a special thank you to them.

View the poetry book here.

In Sanity

March 2015

In conjunction with the exhibition "Taking Chances" at the Noyes Cultural Center I was asked to do a performance.  In Sanity was created to help others understand and experience exterior voices as an interior dilemma.

What I Learned About Healing

October 2014

Based on my experiences with group therapy environments, I created a situation I had always longed to experience.  Audience members were invited to join the circle of chairs but asked to remain silent and introspective while I was sitting and gluing a broken vase back together.

A More Beautiful Question

August 2014

Invited to perform at the exhibition "In Sane" I created postcards with the image at left.  During the twenty minute performance I did not appear, and instead audience members sat in silence and had to confront their own ideas.  At the end of the performance the cards were handed out and a dialogue began.

Alogia Projects

August 2014

In conjunction with the exhibit "Institutionalized" I created this performance for Harold Washington College.