we are, we are

we are, we are

three new performances by Matt Bodett

we are, we are, changes the conversation we have about mental health. Since having been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder myself, in 2005, this project is both personal and deeply needed socially. Too often people with mental health issues are demonized, portrayed as violent criminals, and wrongfully stigmatized. This social attitude will only change through our direct involvement with the stories of those affected.

In total, three performances examine language structure, identity issues (rooted in the perceptions of reality), and symptomology. The final event is accompanied by a publication which is given to attendees of the performance, and which examine my experiences through poetry, short essay, and visual means. Following each event there will be a dialogue session in which attendees are encouraged to ask questions about mental health, find common solutions to engaging the subject matter more personally, and share their own stories.

we are, we are will not romanticize madness, but instead focus on the human aspect. This means there may be difficult subject matter, or difficult experiences that are not typically discussed, but, by addressing all aspects of this illness we can form new avenues of healing centered around the individual and the community that supports them.


Please see below for individual event dates and descriptions.

Each of the events is sponsored by High Concept Labs (HCL) and will be performed in their studio.

  • HCL is located at 2233 S Throop St in Chicago.
  • The events run from 7:00-9:00 pm and include a dialogue session
  • There is a suggested donation of $10 for each of the events (though don't let this stop you from coming)
  • HCL is ADA accessible via the entrance on the north side of Mana Contemporary Chicago. Enter the parking lot from the intersection of Allport and Cermak. The ADA parking and entrance will be to your right. There will be Signage to help locate the ramp.
  • "Elephant in" will have an ASL interpreter available as well as a touch tour. Please email matt@mattbodett.com if you wish to arrange the use of either services.
  • Parking is available on the east side of the Mana Contemporary Chicago building.



Elephant in

September 21, 2018

in collaboration with Laura Goldstein


Twice Daily

October 19th, 2018

in collaboration with Ricardo Mondragon

lost, lost

November 16th, 2018