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TWELVE: a series of performative koans

Based in Zen Buddhism, “koans” are paradoxical riddles that provoke inquiry and engage the power of intuition. By demonstrating the limits of logic, a koan leads to discovery, healing, and, it is said, enlightenment.


As part of a residency project in partnership with 3Arts and UIC, TWELVE utilizes koans, and Greek mythology – the story of Herakles, who must complete 12 labors as penitence.


In these works the themes of penitence, forgiveness, language, and the roles they play in understanding and healing offer the audience a chance to reflect on the social constructs surrounding Madness.

The TWELVE performance are:

  1. Welcome Mat
  2. Semblance
  3. Monu Mental
  4. Seen
  5.  Poems to Be Seen 
  6.  Seeking Asylum
  7.  Print
  8. One Hour
  9. Edge/sharp mine d
  10. is : si ng
  11. What I Learned About Healing
  12. On Translation

we are, we are

A set of three performances completed as a High Concept Laboratories fellow in the Fall of 2018. This set of performances questions our understanding of confinement, pharmacology, and suicide. 

The three performances are:

  1. Elephant in – a collaboration with Laura Goldstein
  2. Twice Daily – a collaboration with Ricardo Mondragon
  3.  Lost, lost